Terms & Conditions

Participation by cardholders in the CommunityLink Program ("the Program") is subject to the rules, restrictions, terms and conditions as set by CommunityLink Foundation ("the Program Provider") and the financial institution issuing the card ("the Issuer) from time to time. The Program Provider and the Issuer reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions, including terminating the Program, at any time without notice.

Fees for the Program, any service fees for enrollment in or use of the Program are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice.

Eligibility for and participation in the Program are based on cardholders being in good standing with the Issuer and the Program Provider. Points-earning and rights of redemption may be suspended at any time by the Program Provider or the Issuer upon reasonable cause. Rights or benefits accrued or points earned by a cardholder resulting from Program participation and fulfillment of eligibility criteria are non-transferable and non-endorsable.

Program Provider, the Issuer or their designated providers do not represent the merchantability nor fitness of purpose of any products or services offered by participating companies through the Program. The Program Provider, the Issuer and their designated providers disclaim all liability relative to redemption and/or use of such products or services. All product(s) and services which may be available through valid cardholder participation in the Program are subject to change at any time without notice, as are the rules, restriction and terms and conditions of use of such products or services.

Delivery of product(s) and services redeemed may vary depending on availability and shipping requirements. Products are subject to discontinuation, substitution and replacement conditions as may be determined by the Program Provider, the Issuer or their designated providers from time to time.

A merchant rebate is the total amount, as a percentage of the purchase price, of a Program purchase paid by a Program participating merchant to fund Program costs and the cardholder rewards. Each individual participating Program merchant will determine the percentage of the Program purchase that will constitute the merchant rebate and the minimum purchase price to create an eligible Program purchase. Such percentage and threshold amounts may be changed by any participating merchant from time to time.

A charitable contribution funded by merchant rebates may be paid to eligible beneficiaries, which are schools and nonprofit organizations that are enrolled in the Program and designated by a cardholder. The charitable contribution must be funded by the participating merchant and collected by the Program Provider before payment can be made to an eligible beneficiary.

Default beneficiaries are selected by the Issuer to receive any charitable contributions that have not been designated by the cardholder to an eligible beneficiary.

Airline tickets and other redeemed rewards are subject to all rules, restrictions, terms and conditions as may apply to the purchase of such tickets (for example, departure, security and other taxes, as the case may be). All such tickets must be redeemed by the travel agency of record. Any changes to redemptions, once completed, shall be at cardholder's expense and shall vary based on type of changes requested and availability to accommodate such changes.

Free airline tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, bear the restrictions as may apply on issuance and must be booked and available in the applicable coach class, "21 day advance purchase" category as designated by the travel provider. Tickets are not guaranteed, are subject to such changes as may be introduced based on carrier's schedules, force majeure conditions and therefore may not be available for routes and dates as requested by cardholder.

None of Program Provider, Issuer or travel provider shall be responsible for conditions of carriage as may be applied by any airline or travel service provider of companies participating in the Program.

Participating Cardholder shall be responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, governmental assigned security and related expenses and charges as may be imposed from time to time.

Redeemed product(s) or rewards may be issued in any name and shipped to any address as the authorized participating cardholder designates at the time of redemption, however, certain restrictions may apply.

Participating cardholder recognizes that any of eligibility or participation criteria, product(s), service(s), rules, restrictions, terms and conditions may change for reasons beyond the control of Program Provider or the Issuer or their designated providers. Such changes do not confer any substitute Program rights, rewards, or benefits to the participating cardholder, save any right, reward or benefit awarded at the discretion of Program Provider, the Issuer or their designated