How it Works

Ferdinand Fund Benefits

A Ferdinand Fund Roundup and Rewards “Children's Savings Account” (CSA) is easy to open and even easier to use over and over as you save and build toward an important educational future for your children. It’s a simple concept—round up the purchase price of an item to the nearest dollar and the difference is saved in your Ferdinand Fund CSA and even grows! Kind of like putting your loose change in the cookie jar or piggy bank. The big difference is that a Ferdinand Fund account actually grows (like your children) because it is wisely invested.

A Ferdinand Fund CSA is quickly created with an email and a phone number, followed by the registration of one or all of the family’s credit and debit cards used to purchase goods and services. (no social security number required) This is easily accomplished with the Ferdinand Fund Roundup APP.

You can continue to register as many cards over time as you would like in order to take advantage of the unique roundup opportunity. Simply use your credit or debit cards for your normal everyday purchases, or for that once-in-a-lifetime big tag item. As you shop at groceries, gas stations and retail stores, the Ferdinand APP tracks the purchase price and rounds it up to the nearest whole dollar amount. The difference between the price and that nearest whole dollar amount is the distinct “roundup” that is then transferred into your Ferdinand Fund Children's Savings Account. It will be fun to watch your children’s educational fund easily grow with minimal effort on your part.

You can also help your children’s savings account grow even without a purchase. The APP gives you the option to add extra money into your account or create a monthly minimum for its growth. As the program progresses, there will also be additional options to assign rewards or rebate funds from local retailers as you make your regular purchases on goods and services at their establishments. Your Ferdinand Fund CSA is an invested fund and thus, over time, it will grow and become a valuable resource for your children’s education. The Ferdinand Fund Roundup and Rewards program presents a unique opportunity for parents eager to plan for and save toward a most important component—the education of their families.